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  1. 5 hours ago, Garima Singh said:

    Hey @Rojma& @Captain_Eric

    To investigate further on this issue, we want a little input from your side, so please take the backup of Enpass data and perform these steps and let me know if the problem persists.    

    • Download the debug version of Enpass on your desktop form the below link.   
    • Now open Enpass --> Settings --> Advanced --> Logs --> Enable it.   
    • Now sync with One-Drive. When you receive an error code --> Go to Advanced settings --> Logs --> Copy the Logs in any text editor and share with us.

    Thanks for your co-operation

    Thank you @Garima Singh. I will do this ASAP and get you logs as soon as I run into the problem again.

  2. Luckily my master password continued to work on the local copy on my Windows PC. Additionally I was able to access via my Android phone using fingerprint. I immediately backed up everything just in case. I then proceeded to change the master password and sync it with OneDrive again (or I should say I told my local copy with the new master password to overwrite my copy on OneDrive). However after some period of time it would break again and stop syncing saying the master password was bad. This could be after a few days or as little as under 30 minutes. That's when I figured that one of my devices must be causing the issue any time it was trying to sync. I have around 10 different devices (Windows PCs, Android phones, Apple tablets) but I decided to just delete EnPass from all of the devices except one of my Windows PC. Once I did that, I told my Windows PC to no longer sync with OneDrive, deleted all EnPass data from OneDrive, and then told the Windows PC to start syncing with OneDrive again. I then started setting EnPass back up on all of my devices. So far so good, but its only been a day. It would sometimes take a few days for the problem to manifest again. I will report back in a few days if the problem happens again or not.

  3. I had a very strange problem happen today. I noticed that Enpass was no longer syncing with OneDrive. When I told it to sync, it seemed to connect to OneDrive OK, but then said the (master) password on the file was incorrect. This was a bit strange because I had not changed the password on the file. I checked the Enpass client on several PCs plus my mobile device and they all had the same issue. However the local copies of Enpass still allowed me to get in with the same master password that I have always used and that should have been on the file up on OneDrive. I tried manually entering the master password so that it would start syncing again and it still said the password was wrong. When I clicked on the Help button, it said the password had been set about two years ago on one of my PCs (a PC that I recognized). In other words I don't think the file was "hacked" and the password changed otherwise the last time the password changed would have been more recent. Additionally I use a unique password with my Microsoft Account and also use 2 factor authentication, so its very unlikely that my Microsoft account got hacked and my Enpass file somehow compromised.

    I ended up resolving the issue by disconnecting the OneDrive sync, deleting the Enpass file on OneDrive, and then telling it to sync back to OneDrive. Any idea what was going on here? Why would it all of sudden think that the password on the file on OneDrive was bad?

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  4. A few months ago I started to have a problem when trying to log into any of the web sites for accounts associated with Synchrony Bank. I have several accounts with Synchrony Bank including Amazon and Lowes. When I went to go log in, Enpass would auto-fill the username/password and then proceed to log in. However the log in would just hang and never proceed to the next page. Clearing cache and cookies did not resolve the problem. Same issue happened with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge Dev. I finally found a workaround that if I used the respective browser's "private" mode I was able to log in. The only difference being that since extensions were not enabled in private mode, I had to copy and paste the username/password from Enpass to the Synchrony Bank web site.

    Microsoft Edge Dev recently added a feature where you can enable extensions in their private mode so I went ahead and enabled the Enpass extension for private mode. After doing so and trying to log into a Synchrony Bank web site from a private session, I started to have the same issue where it would just hang on log in. I decided to disable the Enpass extension for private mode and tried to log into the Synchrony Bank web site again from a private session and it started to work again.

    I then tested in normal (non-private) mode with the Enpass extension turned on but instead of letting Enpass auto-fill the username/password, I manually copyed the username/password from the Enpass app and then pasted in the credentials at the Synchrony Bank website. I confirmed that I was able to log in when manually copying/pasting the credentials and did not have the same hang issue as when trying to use the auto-fill feature.

    It appears that there is some problem with the Enpass extension that when trying to use the auto-fill feature at Synchrony Bank websites, it causes the log on to hang. I am not sure if this is a problem with the Enpass extension or the Synchrony Bank websites.

  5. In the previous version of Enpass you were able to duplicate an entry. For example say my wife and I have the same credit card but with different logins. So that I do not have to retype all of the info in, I would just duplicate the first entry then update the passwords accordingly, saving me time to have to enter a bunch of duplicate information. I can't seem to find that option in version 6.0.2. Where did it go?

  6. +1

    I would love to see this feature. For example I have some credit cards that I have cancelled and accounts that I have closed. I want to keep the information about these accounts for future reference in case I ever need the information again, but I don't want it to show up in my lists. An Archive folder where you can put these items would be nice. If you place it into  the Archive folder then it won't show in the main list and/or under categories. You would access these items by going to the Archive folder.

  7. I am reading through the forums trying to fully understand Windows Hello support and how I can use it in conjunction with a fingerprint reader. Am I understanding correctly that on devices without a TPM 2.0 chip you have to still enter the Master password when you first open the UWP app but then after that you can use the fingerprint reader to unlock it? If so is this just the first time the app is opened after a reboot or is it every time the app is opened after being closed?

    If the device does have a TPM 2.0 chip then you can always use the fingerprint reader and never need to type the Master password, correct?

  8. I am evaluating password managers and I REALLY like Enpass so far. I have a mixture of Android phone, Windows 10 phone, and Windows 10 desktop. However I have come across one problem. I want to start using a fingerprint reader so I don't have to type in my really long and complex Master password all the time. For this reason I was going to use the UWP version. However for browser extensions to work, you have to use the Desktop version, which has no fingerprint reader support. So I am at a dilemma. Use the UWP version for fingerprint reader support or use the Desktop version for browser support?

    I found a few posts with similar asks but was wondering what the current status is. Is fingerprint support eventually coming for the Desktop version (maybe separate from Windows Hello using traditional APIs), or is browser support is eventually coming to UWP version (seems like last update was that there were some missing APIs there too).

    Part of the reason I am seeking to use a fingerprint reader is because I plan to share the password file with my wife and have it available for her to use on her computer. However there is no way she is going to remember the Master password, so I need her to be able to still access it without having to remember the Master password.

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