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  1. On Windows, if you have problem there, set timezone automatically
  2. I agree with you. Visibility should be greater for this option.
  3. After creating a new safe I also could not. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application, if a Safebox already appears, close and delete the Backup and Vaults folders from the path: Open the Enpass again and try to import a Backup (it appears below Google Accounts, Dropbox, OneDrive). Good luck.
  4. Follow these steps: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/5208-how-to-migrate-data-from-56-to-60/
  5. I do not know where to get the folder in Google Drive. However, if you have access to Enpass 5.6 you can do the steps and be able to import into Enpass 6 without problems.
  6. Sorry if I was arrogant. I did not want to be. You can install the previous version by downloading the site: apkmirror. com / apk / sinew-software-systems / enpass-password-manager / Once again, I'm sorry.
  7. Enter on the topic and follow the first step.
  8. Follow these steps on the Desktop.
  9. If you had trouble updating the Enpass version from 5.6 to 6.0, follow these steps. Download version 5.6, if you do not have the installer, in this link (Softpedia). Synchronize with your previous backup in Dropbox, Google Drive or another Cloud. Click File, and then click Backup. Save the file in a safe place (remember the place). Close the old Enpass 5.6. Open the new Enpass 6. Click on Import Backup Locate the backup made in Enpass 5.6 Type Master Password and enjoy it!
  10. I have the same problem. I spoke with a friend who also uses it and his was normal.
  11. @Gajender Singh You should have an option to import passwords from the old version of Enpass or at least one orientation to export the passwords and then import into the new template. I updated and I am not accessing my passwords, this is complicated.
  12. @shubhamFirst export your passwords to JSON and then import into the new Enpass. The databases are different.
  13. I have the same problem my friend. I updated on Android and PC and I ran out of my passwords. I can not download the old version and this is blocking me from accessing the sites. Very sad.
  14. Happening to me, too. I do not understand how they change the structure and do not migrate the data as a requirement to complete the installation of the new version.
  15. Hi, with me happens too. Environment: Ubuntu 17.10 Artful GNOME Shell 3.26.1 Enpass 5.6.0
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