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  1. Today I also cannot sync with OneDrive after upgrading from 5.0.6 beta to 5.1.1 again.
  2. Multiline in text field with sensitive option is good feature. I have to use text field with sensitive option for Back up code of Evernote, Google,... they have 10 codes so I have to copy one by one and paste into text field and add blank character to separate code. It takes time. So I think it is better if Enpass support text field with multi line with sensitive.
  3. Hi Devs, I faced with issue about sync failed after upgrading to first beta 5.0.4 and now 5.0.6 Every time I upgrade i cannot sync with OneDrive cloud, I have to Disconnect and reconnect. Please look up this issue
  4. This is good feature but I hope when implement Windows Hello for the first time login then App should disable enter PIN to unlock. If user need unlock Enpass then only 2 way: "Master Password" and "Win Helllo". Currently some app support login with Windows Hello but allow user enter PIN ==> it reduce security of Enpass.
  5. Currently Enpass support Generate TOTP and user can view password. When we use extension for browser and it is not always we must protect Enpass extension when someone borrow our PC for some minutes and they try view password or TOTP key by edit field. So I suggest Enpass should require user enter master password again when user view/copy password or secret key of TOTP, of cause we allow user some option after enter master password to view password as after 15 mins/1hours/until reboot PC/Until user active again.
  6. Currently I can check release notes of other platforms as iOS, macos, android, Windows PC, blackberry but I cannot find page about release note for Universal with release and beta note. Hope to see this page soon
  7. As attached image then you're using Enpass for Windows Universal Platform which you downloaded from Store app, it is not desktop version You have to install Enpass for Desktop from this link https://www.enpass.io/apps/windowspc/ After installing you can enable in setting
  8. My version is 5.0.4. Could you tell me what version you're using?
  9. @Anshu kumar @Hemant Kumar Please let me know when TOTP feature is available for Window 10 UWP? In this month and next month...
  10. I can reinstall after upgrading Windows to 10332.
  11. @Jatin Sharma Could you stop by my post and help me?
  12. When I install Enpass UWP after that I remove to reinstall but at the process remove then system cannot remove and system shows as pending. Please help remove Enpass UWP. This issue is fixed after upgrading Windows 10 to build 10322
  13. @Hemant Kumar I've tried Enpass for Desktop and love it but I have suggest, we should hide number is generated by TOTP for more security by default. Of cause we also have option hide or not for this value of field
  14. Thanks for bring TOTP on Android/Desktop PC. hope to see version for Windows UWP, with Winddows 10 Mobile then TOTP still shows code of TOTP not number of code of TOTP. Please try bring this feature into UWP.
  15. Yeah I also hit the issue when save url of apple.com and icloud.com
  16. With my opinion then Enpass should not support this feature, they should create new product. I only save password, info, note... so I like small size for upload/download from/to cloud. If we need save image then we can save into cloud or zip with protected password and save that password into Enpass.
  17. Agree absolutely. Should allow user select folder or category when add new.
  18. Beside supporting add custom logo/icon then It's awesome if Enpass can get logo/icon from site when user adds new record automaticall or allow user update icon/logo of existing record via "update icon" button. I remmenber 1Password also support this feature.
  19. Yes. I think Enpass should change in next version when Enpass embed TOTP for Windows 10
  20. In my case, I need to move items from Password category and my folder into Login category because the TOTP field only shows in Login category so I have to open Desktop version. I hope version UWP will allow to move items between categories and TOTP field can shows with other categories instead of Login category only
  21. it's great! Love to see this feature on Windows 10 mobile
  22. @Vikram Dabas Will your team open beta for Windows 10?
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