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  1. 10 hours ago, My1 said:

    they dont ask you to pay again, in fact even people like me who could get the android version for free get full access now on all platforms:


    basically you just say already registered, sign in, click sign in with google and boom.

    Thanks.  I've noticed that on every Windows computer I had Enpass running, following the upgrade I was asked to specify an email. I provided the email address of my android account and received and code that I typed in.

    I would be great if in the Help -> About box we are told the status of or our account.

    For example, I am a Plex Pass member and this is clearly shown.


  2. Hello @Vikram,

    I would like to experiment with the KeyFile functionality.  Do you have documentation I can follow to try this out?

    With respect to SQRL this is an free open source method of user authentication.  I've attached a snapshot from the documentation.


    PS: Please note that I am not associated with this project in any way.


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  3. 2 minutes ago, Pete said:

    Omg, you're right, there it is. I went looking for it earlier but missed it, now I see it lol What version did this get included? I guess I missed a changelog somewhere.

    Hi Pete,


    I think it appeared in version 6.

  4. Hi,

    I have Enpass set to clear the clipboard every 30s (default).

    When updating the password for a site I sometimes encounter a situation in which the generated password is not accepted.  Reasons could be that certain characters are not acceptable or there is a password length mismatch.

    Can Enpass retain the original password until the user confirms that the old password has been replaced.

    This function can also be useful to retain a password history function.

    Hope this helps

  5. Hello,

    Yesterday I added a number of entries with attached images in them. This was on enpass on Windows.

    This morning I logged into my enpass for Android. Some images were transferred and can be called up while a couple do not seem to have transferred. 

    On the enpass card for that item I can see the images listed but when I click I get a message telling me "Attachment not found" and to synchronise enpass.


  6. Hi,

    I think the idea of Trash is fantastic.  I would like to suggest a feature that exists in Google products whereby Trash is automatically emptied after a number of days.

    An improvement would be to allow the users to set the number of days to keep trashed items before deleting them (in settings).  I would suggest options such as Manual Deletion, x days, immediate deletion.

    I would suggest a default of 30 days.


  7. Hi,

    Version 6 of Enpass has given us the ability to attach objects.

    I would like to suggest a feature whereby one can embed an Enpass object within another.

    For example I have an Enpass Bank  account object. Into it I would like to be able to embed the Cards and accounts issued by the bank.

    Each object can be viewed on its own as well as from the linked objects.


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  8. Hello

    I think that with version 6 Enpass has now the potential to offer functionality offered by card apps. I use the app Beep'n'Go to store cards. Rather than present a card I present the bar code of that card.  There are other apps that also seem to offer NFC functionality for cards that have this feature.

    It would be great of Enpass can improve upon the functionality to make "presenting" a card stored within it easy by generating the bar code, QR Code or NFC signal thereby eliminating the need to carry / replicate data of cards on two apps.


  9. In the new Enpass you can sort search by Title, URL and various other criteria.

    Can you please add the ability to sort by Vault.  In those situation where you have a common phrase used in different vaults, this option would really come in handy.

  10. Hello,

    I upgraded to 6.0 today and was really looking forward to the vault feature in the hope that one vault would be shared while the other would not.

    My setup consists of 3 windows devices and 2 android devices (each with their own PRO licence).

    I managed to generate the new vault but when I come to tell it to sync to the same google drive location I get an error telling me that this is not possible.  In my opinion the name of the first vault was system generated while 2nd vault onward require a name. Can't this name be used to generate a unique file name?

    Thanks and Regards,

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  11. Hi,

    I share my enpass vault with a family member. Up till now we used Enpass on Windows. Enpass is backed up to my Google Drive account. I developed a solution that allows us to share the updated Enpass vault.

    We purchased Enpass for Android Pro (two accounts).  I had not problem linking my Enpass to my Google Drive vault but seem unable to figure out a solution to do it for the other account without having to install my google account on my family member's device. Performing this function potentially enables all google services (calendar, gmail, contacts, etc) and I would like to avoid this.

    Has anyone figured out a workable solution.

    I would like to have the following:

    1. Two way updates of the Enpass vault from Windows / Android
    2. Ability to share the vault with family members (who use Windows and Android devices) allowing them to also have two way updates with me.
    3. Retain the backup feature of Enpass that works well (wish I could specify how many backups to keep but that is low priority)

    I have no issue moving to another cloud storage provider.

    Thanks and happy holidays.

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