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  1. Hello,

    I faced a very disturbing issue.

    The TOTP code generated by the Windows 10 app and the one on the mobile app (iOS) are different. The one on the Windows 10 app is wrong.

    I checked with a few different credentials that I have with TOTP, and it was the case every single time.

    Windows 10 version: 6.0.4

    iOS version: 6.0.4 (222)

    I would suggest a quick fix, this can be very frustrating/infuriating to get around. Still, the new version of enpass is awesome !

    Cheers !

  2. Hello,

    For ~the past week enpass does not want to cooperate with my Chrome anymore. 

    It says:

    "chrome.exe is trying to establish connection with its code signature unrecognized by Enpass. Do you allow Enpass to connect?"


    I am using the following versions:

    • Chrome:  72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    • Chrome plugin:
    • Enpass: 6.0.4

    My chrome.exe seems pretty legit & signed, with code signature in place (SHA256: F6FA354889EF81AD521F1F0E4C9AFF4D54B95994573791C897A248F52B0479FD)


  3. First of all, I let’s cheer the team for the auto fill support, it is really a great feature!

    How to reproduce the bug:

    - Using autofill, log in to a website (like the Enpass forum). TouchId will work

    - logout 

    - Login again. Since autofill remembers which password you entered for this site, it proposes a shortcut. When using this shortcut, TouchId will not work and you will have to enter the master password (bug)

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