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  1. Thank you for your workaround, but for me the workaround dont work. I tried so many times and different situations. I'm not able to open the Password Generator dialog and change the option ..
  2. Is there a way to reset this function? I can't generate passwords anymore because Enpass crashes immediately...
  3. Hello, I have the exact same defect. I reinstalled enpass, but the error remains. I am supposed to enter the password from the data on One-Drive, I did not change it. It's not working. This is a disaster for me.
  4. Benqer

    [6.3.0] TOTP Broken

    Same Problem here ... This error is an absolute no-go! That works, thank you!
  5. Any News? It can't be that hard to implement.
  6. Hello, now Enpass v. 6 is published. Htaccess login in Firefox can still not be used with Autofill. When will this be possible?
  7. Is it possible to enable unlocking with the finger?
  8. Hello, you can query htaccess in Firefox to enable automatic login, similar to Google Chrome? At the moment I have to enter the data manually. Thank you
  9. I also would be interested, how the current suited the engages is. LastPass also has solved this problem.
  10. Hello, it's possible to import the passwords from google chrome?
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