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  1. Any update? This has been here for quite a while now without movement. It would seem that this is not working as expected, or I've misunderstood the steps to make direct edits to the data and re-import (a workaround for the inability to make bulk changes to field names, for examples).
  2. @Ankur Gupta, this unfortunately did not work. In this case, I didn't even modify the JSON file just to rule out changes I was doing. So I exported the JSON of my vault from Enpass, erased everything, setup a fresh vault using iCloud, then imported the JSON. It recognized all the items but after import none of them ever showed up. This seems like a bug, I suspect. Can you please shed some light on this? Is there any other way for me to achieve a bulk edit of items using exported data to then import back into Enpass? My use-case is to, for example, change a field name of "Login Page" to "Website" to match other entries already using "Website", just as an example. I'm happy digging in to data files and understand there's no GUI way to do it, but even after modifying the JSON (or even without modifying it at all) I cannot seem to import it successful, it rather it shows successfully importing them but none of them show up anywhere, it's as if it never happened.
  3. So there's no way to bulk edit in the GUI, which is okay (though that'd be a great feature addition), but the issue for me was when exporting as JSON and then re-importing the JSON file after making a very small tweak, it wouldn't work. It seemed like it saw the entries but never would show them, as if it skipped them all or something like that. I'll try to do the erase everything method though rather than removing from trash and emptying the trash as I was doing before, maybe that'll help.
  4. Hello, I am a bit OCD about my data, and I find that I have inadvertently kept inconsistent formats for field names and such. In some cases, I have changed the "Website" field to "Login Page", and in some cases I have section names in all-capitals and some in title case, etc. I would like a way to quickly correct these discrepencies. One way I was thinking about was to export the data from Enpass in JSON, then edit the JSON so that the field names that are lower-case can be replaced with their upper-case variant, and small tweaks like that. Then I could import that back into Enpass and all would be fixed. That was my idea / intention anyways. However, when I tried this, I noticed that importing the data provided nothing in Enpass. So for example, I would start the import with choosing Enpass as the source, choose JSON, then select the file. Then it would continue and find like 585 items for example, and then I'd hit the final button to import the data, it would take a few seconds and then say it was successfully imported, yet none of the data was present in the Enpass application. I even assumed this may have been because it wouldn't overwrite data or something, so I deleted all of the items I had in the vault (even deleted in trash), then imported the file, it would find 585 items again and import but I would see no data in Enpass. Thankfully I had the most recent backup so I could restore all my data, but this leads me to wonder if there is a bug in the way Enpass is importing itself or in the way I am using it. Ultimately this is sort of two fold: 1) Can Enpass export data as JSON and still import that same JSON back again? Because in my tests it seems that is not working. 2) What is the official (or even unofficial) way of quickly correcting things like field names in bulk across many items in the vault so they are consistent in their naming conventions, etc.? Really this goes for any data, such as values too.
  5. Thank you for your response, @Anshu kumar. I can certainly wait until next release. I'm a bit OCD, so I just like to be able to bulk-change things to ensure consistency between various items in terms of the words I use for custom fields and things like that. Plus the "Url" instead of "URL" sort of irritated me. :-P haha I'm hoping in a future release that it can be added to be able to bulk-change items in a way where fields can be renamed all at once or something like that.
  6. Is it possible to change the field names for all records at once? Even editing at a database level instead of the GUI perhaps? For example, if I wanted to change the name "Url" to "URL" without doing that manually for the 300+ records I have in Enpass, how would I do that? If it isn't possible, then I guess I'll create a related feature request.
  7. +1. I'd also like to see the copying of the TOTP field too for records with those, as all my two-factor logins require me to copy & paste 3 times (if auto-fill is disabled) as one for each user, password, and TOTP value.
  8. I agree with this. Alternatively, if it could be shown but on the same line as the password instead of it's very own line, that'd save a lot of room on each record. I have records with several password fields on them, and it's a little annoying to look at them, especially on my iOS device with smaller screen real estate. @Anshu kumar, thoughts on the above? Should I report that as a new forum thread entirely for the same-line idea? Is there any ETA on delivering this option to users?
  9. Enpass team, The new MacBook Pro's with Touch ID are shipping already and are even found in some Apple Stores. It's only a matter of maybe 2-4 more weeks before nearly everyone can get them. As news broke that the new MacBook Pro notebooks have already outsold all previous models and all competing laptops this year... is it possible to get an update on this as it's sounding like it'll be a widely used laptop in the near future. - Dustin
  10. +1 I was actually going to submit a feature request just like this. So I'm happy to see this posted. :-) I find too many unnecessary fields in various templates that I'd like to change for defaults.
  11. Hi all, I'd like to request that the sorting algorithms be improved in a few ways. Not sure if part of the behaviour I'm seeing is due to a bug or a setting, but I have a few observations: On the macOS desktop app, the very first item in my "All Items" list is (ironically) "1Password". However the very first item in my "All Items" list on the iOS app is "Add This". For some reason, the macOS desktop app shows items starting with numbers at the top, but those same items show at the bottom in the iOS mobile app. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but this leads me to want to request the ability to customize the sorting of whether numbered items are at the top or bottom. I couldn't find an existing setting for that. Right now, the behaviour is definitely not in sync across the apps. In the browser extension and applications, the sorting when searching for an item seems to be only alphanumeric rather than sorted intelligently based on whether the keyword was found in the title or just part of a field, etc. Likely in the vast majority of cases, users would want to see items with their keyword in the title before items with their keyword in a field name or field value. In my particular use-case which prompted me to want to request this enhancement, I search for "Facebook" in Enpass. Since I have a good deal of items in my list with a note saying "Logged in with Facebook" to indicate that I use my Facebook credentials for the service, I get many items alphabetically listed upon my search for "Facebook" which means I need to scroll down a ways to get the one I was looking for which is the one where "Facebook" was in the actual title of the item. So in that use-case, it'd be great to see "Facebook" at the top of the search results when "Facebook" is in the actual name of the item, and then list the remaining "Facebook"-related items afterwards where it was found in just a field name / value or a notes section, for example. Does that make sense? I might be having a hard time explaining this one, so please ping me if you need any clarification on this one. Another example is searching for "Mail" where I expect to see my mail account credentials come up first, but instead it lists nearly everything I have because "Mail" is part of the "Email" field in nearly all my items in the Enpass app. Ultimately I'm just looking for more intelligent sorting in search results rather than simple alphanumeric. It'd be good to see the title weighted heavier in the search results, for example, than the items which have that same keyword just in a note or as part of a field name. The ability to sort based on title, based on "last used", based on "last edited", "last added", etc. would all be useful to have in the application and browser extension. Just some food for thought on sorting. Number 2 above might be more around searching than sorting, but wanted to add it as I feel it still very much relates to sorting as it has to do with the sorting of results after doing a search for something. I can create a new feature request post though if you feel it has more to do with searching than sorting. Just let me know. Thanks again for making such an awesome app. -- Dustin
  12. I agree with this, but would like to add that this should be the behaviour across all extensions - not only Chrome.
  13. I also have this same issue of frequently asking for me to enable the browser extension even though it is enabled. I think for me it has to do with the Enpass app dying in the background or else just not open when I open Safari. I find that even if I open Enpass and sign in and then try to use it in Safari, it still doesn't see the connection until I close Safari and re-open. So it seems that Enpass needs to be open (but also signed in once) before Safari is opened and will work. Environment: - macOS Sierra 10.12 - Safari 10.0.1 - late 2013 model MacBook Air
  14. I have the same problem, have since the last couple public beta releases of macOS Sierra including the recent GM release. It's quite annoying. The workaround I find works for me is to open Enpass and go to Settings and disable the browser extension and then re-enable it. Then I restart Safari. Once all that is done, it seems to work again for a little while but seems to cut out again further down the road. Interestingly enough, there was a fix listed in 5.3.0 (which I'm using, released August 2nd, 2016) which states the following: But that either didn't fix the issue in all cases or was specific to another issue to extensions. This may have been overall (like all 64-bit browsers, for example) because I seem to only have this issue in Safari and not the other browsers that I've noticed so far. I really hope this is fixed ASAP before macOS Sierra is released to the public
  15. Wanted to add a link to this one here as it is somewhat related:
  16. One thing I loved about 1Password in terms of it's UI was the fact that it grabbed the website favicon for any entries with a URL in them. That would eliminate (or replace) the need for specific icons and having to keep them updated or maintained. I think it'd be a nice addition to the UI for Enpass.
  17. I'm also looking for smart folders functionality. Specifically looking for a smart folder which can find all entries with a certain keyword. Right now I have my work-related ones dragged into a folder to keep it focused where I can see just those at work, but a smart folder would be awesome so I don't have to worry about having to always copy new ones into the folder, etc. Also, it'd be nice to know which ones have TOTP fields and stuff to group them together while I work on enabling 2FA TOTP on my various accounts around the web. Just are just a couple of examples where smart folders would be useful (for my use-case).
  18. Hi there, For some reason, auto-fill isn't working for me for the following URL: https://vipnet.canadalife.ca/apps/pension/vip/index.html (this is the full URL in Enpass too) Any idea what might be wrong? Anything I can try on my side? Is this a page-specific limitation preventing auto-fill perhaps? Anything I can do to help get this fixed? Please let me know.
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