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  1. Same architecture, different database structure. No backwards compatibility, forced upgrade, bug ridden application.
  2. You lost your credibility when you forced v6 on us through the app stores. To get back some trust I would suggest you put v5.6.3 back, ensure there is interoperability in future releases and let your customers choose what version they run. Customers would naturally migrate to v6 if it is a better proposition, rather than being forced.
  3. Your customers are NOT BETA TESTERS !
  4. I tried to regress to v5 by side-loading the iOS app (v6 is a disaster) but the app doesn't work. The biometric login doesn't work, the pro license doesn't work, the sync doesn't work. not having backwards compatibility and doing a forced upgrade of the mobile apps was a cynical move to screw everyone. I am looking for a new app.
  5. Hi I installed v5 as you suggested. The process is somewhat cumbersome since you removed v5 from the app store. Unfortunately v5 is now suffering from issues, please help with the following: Face ID doesn't work, keeps reverting to master password input Doesn't recognise my pro activation. Only shows 20 items. The same as the desktop version, it will only sync once after installation. It refuses to sync forever after.
  6. Hi Please post a link to the IPA file. I asked this in a post before but you ignored me. I do not have it in my iTunes backups since version 12.7 dropped application backups.
  7. Please post Enpass ios 5.6.1 on app store.
  8. Right, I have learnt it is not possible to export / import ipa since ios 10. iTunes doesn't backup apps since version 12.7 either. Developers, how do I get back version 5 on my ios device? The developers have posted links to the version 5 desktop apps, however the ios app is missing. It's appreciated but really these download links should be on the download page on the main site. Where can I download older version of Enpass? – Enpass @Hemant Kumar What problems am I facing? Please read my first post, the information is there. - ie, user interface is poor, subscription model is u
  9. Please can someone send me a link to or provide me with the iOS Enpass 5.6.1 application? Feedback to the developers, I chose Enpass because of its simple clean interface, on-click (or maybe two) integration and subscription-less setup. I am sorry to tell you but version 6 feels like yet-another generic password manager, buggy (I appreciate it is the first release, but I cannot loose access to my passwords and therefore my trust is gone), overly busy interface with multiple clicks to get anything done. "Less is more" and unfortunately I think you guys have lost sight of what mad
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