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  1. Hi Enpass Team, First I want to thank you for your great app and work! Yesterday I updated to 6.80 (1048) and set Enpass as default password manager for MSEdge (extension). Since I enabled that functionality I lost MSEdge forms history function (may be it occurs on other web browsers too). To recover that functionality have to disable Enpass as default password manager. Would be possible to have both functions at same time? When working with, for example, ticketing web tool is very useful to have forms history available. Obviously, at same time, to enable Enpass as default password manager for any web browser is the best option for me. Regards!
  2. That worked for me. Sorry for the delay for the feedback. Thanks a lot.
  3. So similar problem here... I've two different vaults, one for private use and one for work. As my phone is basically for private use, I've my MS private account synced in it (autologin and contacts synced too to my MS Live account). The problem, as yours, is that I'm unable to sync my work vault (or any other in OneDrive) because Enpass allways try to connect with my private account to OneDrive and never let me to change my login user (also with autofill disabled). The pretty thing is that with any other webservice, as Dropbox for example, Enpass ask me for user and password, but does not do that with OneDrive. I bought pro Android app yesterday, I hope anybody can help us. I guess people from Enpass have a look on forums. If not I will contact support and, if I get a solution I will post it here.
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