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Found 10 results

  1. I would like to change for your software. i've tested importing from 1password. But no all entries neither attachements have been imported. I can not migrate or purchase until the fully real import goes on. Lot of posts here in the forum describe same problems. Have you a road map for full complete import data (including attachements ?) and all entries ?
  2. I bought the One-Time-Plan from Enpass and now I wanted to import the vault from 1Password into Enpass. Unfortunately I always get the message "Nothing to import", no matter what I try. I have searched here in the forum and the solutions in the topics I found, unfortunately didn't work. Therefore I kindly ask here for help with my problem. The technical data: Computer: MacBook Pro 2015 OS: macOS 10.14.6, no tweaking software, no virus scanner or similar installed 1Password: Version 7.6 Enpass: Downloaded from enpass.io, version 6.50 (707) My previous approach: Installed Enpass selected "New user" set master password in the app logged in to Enpass with my registered e-mail address (login worked) quit Enpass and restarted, entered master password and was in the Enpass standard vault. In 1Password, select my main vault (I have two vaults) File -> Export -> All items entered password for the vault selected *.1pif file format saved to the desktop with the name "Tresor_Export.1pif A folder named "Tresor_Exort.1pif" appeared on the desktop with a size of 71 MB (this is approximately the size of the 1Password main safe) and containing a file named "data.1pif" and two folders named "attachments" and "previews". In Enpass: File -> Import -> 1Password In the dialog selected 1PIF and at "Folder" I chose the folder "Tresor_Export.1pif" on the desktop. Clicked on "Continue", a wheel appeared for a few seconds, then the message "Nothing to import" appeared. To be sure that I didn't make a mistake, I also completely resetted Enpass (including deleting backups), but even that was unsuccessful. In 1Password I used the tool "Opitimize Database" and then I exported again and tried to import into Enpass. This also ended with the message "Nothing to import". I also have a Windows 10 BootCamp partition, in which I did the same as described above, but also ended with the message "Nothing to import". My 1Password vault contains about 750 entries. These are online logins, software licenses, program passwords, identities, notes etc. Many of the entries also have attachments. These have the file formats PDF, TXT, JPEG and some attachments are license files of programs. Now I hope that someone else can help me with tips and tricks and I will still be able to transfer my main vault from 1Password to Enpass. I don't like to transfer this large Numer of entries with their attachments manualy. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to import my 1password data file but it's greyed out and can't be selected. Does anyone know how I can fix that? Thank youi
  4. Enpass fails when importing 1Password data (.1pif). I tried to import the data several times: import of the whole database (1404 objects), only import of accounts (18 objects) - but Enpass always shows elements in the import folder with "Ohne Titel" (Untitled), but no more content. Software: Windows 7 Pro (German), Enpass Version 5.6.5, 1Password Version Any ideas? Thanks and regards Area
  5. I am using macOS Mojave 10.14.5 When importing from 1Password Version 6.8.9 (689001) to Enpass 6.1.1 (471) the "Last Modified:" and "Created :" fields are filled in with the time of the import. Expected behavior would the the time the field was last modified and created.
  6. Hello, I just went from 1password to Enpass. So I exported my 1password boxes as a.1pif file. The import in Enpass seemed to go well. Alas I discover with horror that for many of my logins I am missing the website field that links them to the site to which they correspond.
  7. Hello Enpass, I think this is a super important feature to add to Enpass, and this should actually be added ASAP. Pwned v1 has been around for years and v2 was released by Troy Hunt just last week. Within 27 HOURS 1Password already added support. Can Enpass add this feature? I hope this can be turned around within a week or so if 1Password can do it this fast I have all the confidence that Enpass developers are able to make this happen. https://www.troyhunt.com/ive-just-launched-pwned-passwords-version-2/ https://www.troyhunt.com/i-wanna-go-fast-why-searching-through-500m-pwned-passwords-is-so-quick/ https://blog.agilebits.com/2018/02/22/finding-pwned-passwords-with-1password/
  8. Same as above , many importing probrem is reported. And I also have importing problem. I tested import from lastpass and 1password (I'm old lastpass user over 1000 logins and test 1password also), Enpass import most correctly. But my problem is Enpass deal all import items same one, it seem login item (has username or password of form information) and note item are same. And Enpass didn't deal category or folder. That is really problem for me and heavy users. My organized items messed up. So I can't migrate Enpass though I feel Enpass is good one for me. Actually, 1Password import Lastpass items perfectly, so I keep testing 1password for now. I hope Enpass have more better import features soon.
  9. Switching from 1Password to Enpass Hi, currently I am using 1Password. I originally started using 1Password on Mac, but now switched to Windows 10 for a while. The Mac App of 1Password is gorgeous, but the Windows App is terrible. Especially since AgileBites does not develop the v4 app further and put its efforts only to the v6-cloud-only app. That's why I am looking around for other password managers and I would love to try it out. The licencing made this easy, so I installed the Windows application of Enpass. But now I came up with a problem during the import process. I've exported all 1Password items to a 1pif file. I am using the import assistant of Enpass. The first problem is, that 1Password says it has exported 445 items, but Enpass can only import 335. Where are the remaining 110 items? The second problem is, that all imported items are empty. All items have no title and contains nothing. I do have also some attachments stored in 1Password, which are also exported (in a separate folder). Is it possible to automatically import the attachments to Enpass? I've attached a screenshot of Enpass, showing the imported items. Sorry the app is in German - trust me :-) It's saying "No Title". Thanks for your help, vlad Off topic question: I love using Windows Hello (with my Logitech Brio web cam) to unlock my PC. Are there any plans to support Windows Hello (Face recognition) to unlock the Enpass vault?
  10. Hello. I was trying to import my 1Password vault to enpass. I found this documentation: https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop-mac/import_1password.html But, it appears to be slightly out of date. For one, the menu options don't match the docs. Whereas, if you look at the screenshot, enpass has two different options. 1Password (Agilekeychain) 1Password (OPVault) For me, 1Password exported my vault as a directory: `1Password 2017-01-09, 07_37 PM (290 items and 2 folders).1pif`. I tried to import the directory with both 1Password modes, but neither of them would enable the "Open" button in the import dialog. What finally worked for me was when I imported `1Password 2017-01-09, 07_37 PM (290 items and 2 folders).1pif/data.1pif`. Meaning, import the file `data.1pif`, which was _inside_ of the exported vault directory that 1Password created. Using the "Agilekeychain" import mode worked. The "OPVault" option didn't work. Hopefully, this unblocks anyone trying to migrate from 1Password to enpass. Also, can someone please update the docs? 1Password: v6.5.3; enpass: v5.4.1; macOS: v10.12.3
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