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Found 8 results

  1. I created a Google passkey on my phone before Enpass started supporting passkeys. I have now chosen Enpass to manage my passkeys. Can I somehow move my old passkey to Enpass, or should I delete the old passkey and then create a new passkey using Enpass?
  2. Enpass-based passkey does not work yet on some sites while USB-based hardware keys always work. Let me explain in details: Previously I registered and stored passkeys in Enpass for both sites mentioned below. When I first try to login on https://vercel.com via passkey I get the following prompt from Enpass browser extension: This login success! but when I try to login every next time then I get the following prompt: This login fails with message "Login with Passkey failed. Please try again." In browser console I get "400 Bad request" for "POST https://vercel.com/api/auth/webauthn/verify" On the other hand Enpass passkey works fine every time on https://github.com but in that case I always get the following prompt asking for Windows Hello: In case of github.com I never get this second prompt without Windows Hello. I hope that will help in fixing this problem in Enpass. Please let me know if I can help more in some debugging Regards, syriusz
  3. Hi, I'm liking the added convenience and peace of mind Enpass brings with Passkey support (when it doesn't freeze). However, there's room for improvement. I currently and rightly have 1 Enpass entry for all my eBay.com/eBay.ca/eBay.whatevercomesnext accounts, as they share the same user name, password and 2FA code, and are merely for shopping different countries. So, I simply add the additional eBay domains as URLs under the Enpass entry, enabling me to use the same credentials on the various domains, and avoid the "Duplicate Password" warning in Enpass. However, when setting up Passkeys for the accounts, I noticed that the Passkey for eBay.com wasn't also working on eBay.ca, instead, I needed to set both of them up serparately. So, upon attempting to do so, Enpass overwrote my current eBay.com Passkey with my eBay.ca Passkey instead of saving both of them under my eBay account credential. Can you please improve Enpass to support multiple Passkeys under 1 entry, just like URLs?
  4. Please offer the ability to add a passkey for Enpass itself for desktop and mobile. This would give users added safety with a backup option to log into Enpass in case we forget or lose our master password AND biometric authentication gives problems (e.g. my thumbprint often fails in the winter when my hands dry up).
  5. Passkeys are foreseen as the future and are meant to end passwords as we know them. Still, they have one major pitfall: cross platform sync. I strongly believe that Enpass should hop on this train and support it asap. Other big names are already hopping in (Passkeys: the future of authentication in 1Password, Passkeys in Dashlane – Dashlane, https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitwarden/comments/xpywl7/comment/iq6lrq2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) and it will be a key differentiator. It does not look good, because Webauthn - one of the foundations of passkeys is (was?) not on the roadmap: Support WebAuthn - Feature requests - Enpass Discussion Forum
  6. Now that Enpass Mac can create passkeys ... how do I stop it from throwing up its passkey dialog before the macOS Passkey creation dialog? The way it works now, Enpass throws its passkey creation dialog first. I have to cancel that & THEN I can get to the Apple dialog. PLEASE add a pref to turn off asking for passkey creation. Or fix my comments/suggestions/annoyances below & I'd gladly use Enpass for passkeys by default. Just an FYI: Enpass is my 1st choice on all my Apple devices that support it for passwords—creating & filling. There are a few things that annoy me, and keep me from using Enpass as the default passkey creator. 1. When a passkey is created with Enpass Mac, the login button for the website passkey is not active. I have to click on the button every time which = annoying. 2. When Enpass throws up its passkey login dialog on a 3 screen setup it's never on the screen where Safari is open and requiring the login. D'oh! I have to look on all 3 screen to find the dialog and click the button, which is doubly annoying because I have to FIND the dialog and I still have to click on it. If the login button were active & reacted to Enter or Return keys ... both 1 & 2 would be moot—kinda-sorta. Though you'd think Enpass would be smart enough to put the dialog front and center on the screen that Safari is asking for the passkey login. 3. Deleting a passkey in Enpass is not very logical. You have to go into edit mode click on the Passkey field name & delete the field—rather than there being a delete button, or an X button to delete the entry. So yay ... Enpass Mac finally does passkeys. Boo that's it not very elegant, Mac-like, or user friendly— yet. That's my 2¢ U.S. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Are you working on passkey support? Hello, I searched for information about passkey support by ENPASS and found nothing. Can you tell me if the support or the backup of the passkey and a new functionality of ENPASS? Thanking you.
  8. Hello, Trying to set up enpass on my iphone after setting it on my desktop app, enpass won't accept the master password even though, the passkey is correct. Tried multiple times, with or without copy/paste. Thanks for your help.
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