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Found 6 results

  1. Sirio

    Snyc issue WebDAV

    The synchronization between different devices with the Synology with WebDAV no longer works. Separating and re-creating it does not solve either. In addition, the sync file was deleted on the WebDAV. I had problems with WebDAV before and it was difficult to set up. What other synchronization methods are there, not via a cloud service? How to set up a shared folder on Android iPhone and Mac? Fighting this problem again is really tedious so the application is not trustworthy.
  2. Hello, after upgrading my iOS device to iOS 14 I am no longer able to sync with my WebDAV credentials from this particular device. The error message shown is "No internet connection". But I'm definitely connected to the respective WebDAV-Server. And all other devices, regardless if iOS <14, MacOS, Windows or Android are still synchronizing as expected. Any clue, what I might have done wrong (except upgrading to iOS 14 :-))?
  3. Is it possible to change the username and/or password used with a vault sync'd to a WEBDAV location without disconnecting and reconnecting the vault?
  4. Hi, I'm syncing with 3 devices without problems on the 4th device I get all passwords but at the next sync it hangs with the error 908413 "someting went wrong with the sync..." - Bernhard
  5. Hi all, I'm accessing my Enpass Vault via WebDAV on my Synology DS414. The access itself works properly: - Connection is successful in Enpass iOS app (version 6.0.6) - I can see in the logs on my Synology, that the sync is working (download/uploads to "vault.enpassdbsync" file with my WebDAV user) In the iOS app in settings -> synchronization my vault is beeing shown with the exact amount of items, as shown on my desktop. When I go to "all entries" section I see only like 20% of my entries. I'm sorry, if this has already been discussed, but I
  6. Hi, Do you have experience with other (non owncloud) webdav servers. I am trying to configure Cpanel - Web Disk without success. Please share your configuration details. Thanks update: Android 5.4.8 version works fine with Cpanel - Web Disk - WebDav folders Linux Ubuntu 5.4.1 works fine Windows 5.4.1 and Portable 5.3 versions do not work - connecting for ages (tried with IP directly, it shows certificate issue, clicked on trust unsafe cert but still connecting ) Cpanel - Web Disk works on port 2078. Username is an email address. Could these cause the problem?
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