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Found 7 results

  1. I have 2 vaults, both are synchronized via https://webdav.yandex.com. Little additional vault with 26 items sync fine but large vault 153 items fails with strange error: Synchronization error Please check your internet connection or try again later Same thing on windows and ios... Moreover, if you add storage on a new device, the data appears and is synchronized almost instantly
  2. Sirio

    Snyc issue WebDAV

    The synchronization between different devices with the Synology with WebDAV no longer works. Separating and re-creating it does not solve either. In addition, the sync file was deleted on the WebDAV. I had problems with WebDAV before and it was difficult to set up. What other synchronization methods are there, not via a cloud service? How to set up a shared folder on Android iPhone and Mac? Fighting this problem again is really tedious so the application is not trustworthy.
  3. Hello, after upgrading my iOS device to iOS 14 I am no longer able to sync with my WebDAV credentials from this particular device. The error message shown is "No internet connection". But I'm definitely connected to the respective WebDAV-Server. And all other devices, regardless if iOS <14, MacOS, Windows or Android are still synchronizing as expected. Any clue, what I might have done wrong (except upgrading to iOS 14 :-))?
  4. Is it possible to change the username and/or password used with a vault sync'd to a WEBDAV location without disconnecting and reconnecting the vault?
  5. Hi, I'm syncing with 3 devices without problems on the 4th device I get all passwords but at the next sync it hangs with the error 908413 "someting went wrong with the sync..." - Bernhard
  6. Hi all, I'm accessing my Enpass Vault via WebDAV on my Synology DS414. The access itself works properly: - Connection is successful in Enpass iOS app (version 6.0.6) - I can see in the logs on my Synology, that the sync is working (download/uploads to "vault.enpassdbsync" file with my WebDAV user) In the iOS app in settings -> synchronization my vault is beeing shown with the exact amount of items, as shown on my desktop. When I go to "all entries" section I see only like 20% of my entries. I'm sorry, if this has already been discussed, but I've checked a couple of pages in the forum and couldn't find any behaviour like this in the WebDAV thread. Did someone else had such an experience? Edit: - I've removed the sync and established it again - still same behaviour - when I create an entry on iOS it is beeing synced to my Windows Client and shown correctly. But the entry, which I've created on iOS APP is not shown later on in the iOS App Edit 2: - Okay, I found the problem. The first time I've reinstalled the app I've selected new user and set up WebDAV sync... Now I've reinstalled again and chose "restore existing user" and NOW I received the popup, that with the trial version only 20 entries beeing shown. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hi, Do you have experience with other (non owncloud) webdav servers. I am trying to configure Cpanel - Web Disk without success. Please share your configuration details. Thanks update: Android 5.4.8 version works fine with Cpanel - Web Disk - WebDav folders Linux Ubuntu 5.4.1 works fine Windows 5.4.1 and Portable 5.3 versions do not work - connecting for ages (tried with IP directly, it shows certificate issue, clicked on trust unsafe cert but still connecting ) Cpanel - Web Disk works on port 2078. Username is an email address. Could these cause the problem? Tested WebDav server with Cyberduck.io application on Win10. That works fine.
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