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Credit Card x Login


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One thing I'd like the Enpass to do is to login using a credit card login information.

Let me explain:

I have one Credit Card, and it have the following fields:  "Website", "Username" and "Login Password".

If I go to this website and try to log in, Enpass will suggest my credit card, but will not fill any field. I have to fill in the form, and Enpass will not ask me to save the new login info.

If I remove this info from my credit card (mainly the website), and try to login (manually filling the form), Enpass will ask me to save the new login information.

Now, if I fill the website on my credit card, and try to log in again, Enpass will suggest both the "Login" and the Credit Card, but only the "Login" works.

What I would like is being able to login using the info on my Credit Card record, or do not show it when I try to log into the website.


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I have the same problem. I like the credit card entry in Enpass because everything is then in the same place. I have an american express but when I fill in website, login and password in the credit card entry nothing is filled in when I use the link to the browser. 

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