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importing data from roboform?

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Hi @superpit,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

We recently released an updated version of Enpass which is 6.5.0 on the desktops that has some improvements in the import. Please share your feedback on the latest version. If you still face a problem, let us know:

  • On which device (and OS version) are you getting this issue?
  • the format in which you are exporting the data, and the Roboform version.
  • does Enpass import some item(s) or no item at all?
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Windows 10 latest Build, and Updates, Enpass Windows Latest version, Roboform latest Version 8.9.3

Export in Html.

Message Error: Nothing to import.

i have paid enpass, and cant use it, because i have over 400 Logins, and i dont want manual make it all step by step new in enpass. 

Why it dont work, there are here so many Users and import dont work. 

Its a shame for you. want my Money back , and will pay new Licence Roboform, there all works fine

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i have now 1Password, and import from Roboform works in 1 Password with one Klick . and now all ok . bye Enpass , and get lucky with my money , never ever enpass. all my people go also away from enpass.you are all unable.  And Autofill website also not work . haahah you are all Birds.

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I gave up after 5 years with Enpass and Roboform import. They are just not capable here. The days times the sticky password manager and the Roboform import tried. And... what can I say, it works there. Embarrassing for Enpass, I think.


Edited by superpit
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