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importing data from roboform?

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Changing the language of Roboform from Dutch to English helped with the import.

However a few issues remain.

1. Roboform doesn't export the full login url, only the main url, nothing Enpass can do about this.

2. Enpass often create new login ID and password custom fields.

In this case Enpass is also in Dutch and probably doesn't recognize the name of the fields.

Gebruikersnaam = User id

Wachtwoord = Password


A lot of manual corrections are needed to get this in order and with over 500 logins this takes a lot of time.

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the same here, language setting did not help. have you investigated in my mentioned suggestions about german umlauts and other non-ascii chars in accountnames or elsewhere in the datasets? after eliminating these from the exported html files I was able to import at least logins and identities, but not notes.


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Hello? What about your promise? It's been almost 2 months since you wanted to fix the bug. I've already bought the 2nd Enpass for Windwos. 2 years ago and the current version now again and can't use it because I just can't get my SafeNotes converted from Roboform to Enpass. WHEN is the fix finally coming?



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I have been having similar problems.

I have tried multiple methods to get this all to work, but i am at a loss at how to make it work.

I am happy to say that i can import Identities, and Safe Notes, but i can't import Logins.

I am running the latest of everything (as of right now), Windows 10 Professional, Enpass, and Roboform. I have tried multiple methods, and even tried editing the htm file, but nothing.

I have tried exporting from Roboform, using the HTML, and CSV file options, but no joy. These methods would result in no data being imported with the same error message "Nothing to Import".

I then found another way to export the data, which was setting it to prin6t, but instead of printing, it also had an option to save it, which i did, and then i was happy to be able to import Identities, and Safe Notes, but unfortunately no luck being able to import the logins.

Thankfully i was able to save it in HTML, so i tried to edit it, and remove the extra information such as the title, and clean up some tags, but that didn't help.

I just tried saving one login, just in case the file was too big for Enpass to handle, but even with one login, it still told me that there's nothing to import.


I would be happy to find a working solution as soon as possible, as i would love to stop using Roboform, and stick with Enpass.




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Okay, I give up and stick with Roboform. We just can't go on like this. If "you" are not able to find the mistake, then I'll copy the 12 dollars invested again. As you can see, there are still several users with the same problem. So it's probably due to a bug. How do you imagine this with "making available" your own data? I can't give you my database with all my personal data! Express yourselves nevertheless times!



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Unfortunately I encountered the same problem.

Created an html file(based on the advises from a previous post) in roboform 7.9.3 and got "nothing to import" from Enpass. I am running the English US version of roboform with about 400 passwords.

I upgraded to the nagging free version of roboform 8.6 as maybe roboform's export format has changed but got same "nothing to import" response from Enpass. The same problem.

My reason to try out enpass is that I will not trust any "cloud" server with my passwords .... but with such an amount of passwords the import function is paramount for a switch ....

Sure I'll switch to the paid version (for 4 PC's and one mobile) once I am sure it works, but I want to test it before I buy (seeing the remarks on this post it seems compulsory) ...

So please advise for a workaround otherwise I'll have to look elsewhere ....

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Hey @Mike_MI

Welcome to the forum!

Please let us know the following details so we can help you better:

  • On which device (along with OS version) are you getting this issue?
  • Which Enpass version are you using?
  • Let us know the format in which you have exported data and also share Roboform version?
  • If possible, share a screenshot or video of the issue.



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