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App says it's syncing to Google Drive. Nothing in Drive folder


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I use Enpass on two Win 10 laptops and a Pixel 3.  I'm syncing to one of my google drive accounts.  I have disconnected and reconnected several times, but cannot find any evidence of Enpass data anywhere in the on line or local versions of my drive folder.  I check for most recent data in Drive right after Enpass says it just did a sync, but there is nothing there.  What am I missing?

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Hello @atygert,

Please note that with the release of version 6, Enpass uses the App folder in Drive for synchronization which saves the data internally. It's hidden and can only be accessed by the app.
To view Enpass file, please follow these steps:

Open Google Drive in any browser --> Click on Setting icon --> Click on Settings --> Manage Apps --> Enpass

I hope this helps.

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