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Enpass 5.2: High CPU usage since last update


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Same issue here since yesterday morning : very high CPU usage (+ flood of "QIODevice::read (QDisabledNetworkReply): device not open" messages when launched in a terminal)

Running Enpass version, and syncing with my own OwnCloud via webdev.

Laptop installed with a Linux Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, with kernel

No problem on Windows, nor Android...


Workaround I found : stop Enpass (via menu>>Quit, from the top bar icon), then relaunch manually.

Works fine for a while, but starts over within a variable time range (10min -> 10h)


Please keep us informed of your investigations (here, if possible)...

Thanks !


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Hello @MisterT,

I am extremely sorry for the trouble you're guys are facing with Enpass.

I sent a couple of Debug versions to @Tadly and by analyzing the logs and stack trace shared by him (Thanks dude!:)) we were able to diagnose the cause, which was due to a bug in QT's network manager as mentioned in 

Actually the QNAM doesn't notify OS about the proper state of network (availability), which cause Enpass to keep looking for WebDAV device to get ready and increases CPU usage. In the debug version, we fixed the issue of high CPU usage but the problem got more basic (you can say transparent) with the network issue when Enpass stopped syncing due to network being unreachable (Qt's Network manager>:(). 

One possible workaround is to use the Folder Sync instead through which you can sync with your WebDAV folder by mounting that into local system.

We are trying to find workarounds for this issue but would be a relief if there is any fix from Qt.

Will keep you guys posted here with the progress. Always in my mind, Cheers!


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OK. No problem to wait for your final correction.

I saw your discussion with @Tadly above, and I thought the QT bug was not at the origin of the issue.

I understand now that it is the root cause, and that you are working on finding a complete solution.

Thanks for that and keep the good work !

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On 22.12.2016 at 0:21 PM, Hemant Kumar said:

Hi @Tadly,

Yesterday only we have released a new version 5.4 with many new features and fix for high CPU. You can try that and let us know if the issue comes anytime. The complete change-log is here .


Sorry for my late response.

Personally I switched to folder-based syncing + Resilio (former Btsync) and nuked everything dav related (never was a big fan of it) so I'm unable to test.
I'd rather wait for something like SFTP support...
...SFTP would be freaking awesome :)

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