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Hotkey resp. shortcut to show (hide) password

Joachim S.

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While browsing e.g. several items to quick verify the password of each item it would be great to quick reveal (show) the password with a shortcut.

Currently it can be done only with the mouse by clicking on the eye symbol but that breaks the flow.

In some other password save apps this is done by using a modifier key press (e.g. the option key) -> while holding it, the password is revealed - releasing the key and the password is hidden again.


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Just for info and please don’t take it as a “no”.

For me this option should only be an optional behavior.


Within an entry I have a lot of items with multiple hidden fields.

The key should not make all fields visible.


Possible behavior (suggestion):


Item with one hidden field, key make it visible.


Multiple hidden fields, just make the focused field (mouse inside) visible.


Just a thought to this wish :)





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