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6.3.0 Breaks TOTP on all Platforms

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Can confirm this personally on Android and Windows 10 and as others have posted in the Forum it seems to be the case for all other platforms as well.

Something like this should definitely not happen and will make people reconsider your product - especially considering your recent announcment.
It should have been noticed before an update has been released.

Please add your voice or a +1 to this post so the devs see this as quickly as possible.

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Hi @Anshu kumar  Please let Dev know this issue after upgrade to 6.3 on Android and iOS.

Ex: My TOTP for Microsoft or Googl: "ancd dgfg jdjd udhd" with space each 4 char. After upgrade to 6.3 then these totp are invalid. I have to delete space then it works

Please fix ASAP



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I can confirm that this also breaks all TOTP that look something like this: "abcd abcd abcd acbd". I can also confirm that removing the spaces will correct this issue -- though when I first saw that TOTP was "Invalid" I did freak a bit.


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