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No update to 6.3 in MS Store


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It has since appeared for me on all devices.

The fact that the Enpass app has an in-app version upgrade notification that is independent of the Microsoft Store (which may take more time from app submission by Enpass team through to being available to users) just makes it a little confusing.

That said, I'd rather (i) know when a new version is coming, and (ii) change notes (something the MS Store is TERRIBLE at)

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On 11/22/2019 at 5:10 AM, Anthony said:

Yep, seeing the same here.

My Windows 10 laptop has Enpass v6.2.0 (542)

I am being prompted in-app about a update that is available now.

I click 'Update Now' button, get redirected to the Microsoft Store, and there is no update.

I was Facing same issue and you can try these steps 

please try updating your Windows 10 device. Also, please try using the command ‘wsreset' in the command prompt using Admin rights to clear the cache of the Windows Store and then click on 'Downloads and updates’ from the Store menu ---> Click on update --> Find Enpass Password Manager and Click update

(It will take some time to get updated and installed)

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