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Enpass redirection fails


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Hello everybody,

today i changed my masterpassword for enpass. After that i set up the synchronization on every device I have again. On my android devices and Windows 10 desktop everything was fine, but I have a struggle with Linux Ubuntu and enpass. I wanted to set up the synchronisation but the redirection to enpass after entering my onedrive-password fails. What can I do?

Enpass ist just doing nothing after the device is authorized. Web page of enpass is opened in chrome, becaus the page fails loading in firefox.

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Hello @Lukasaz1999,

Sometimes a simple restart of the system troubleshoots the issue. In case if that doesn't help, try the following steps:

  1. Open app and click Menu bar > File > Backup > Save it.
  2. Reinstall the app.

Create a new database and enable sync. Check and let me know if you still encounter any problem.

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recently I changed the credentials of my microsoft account which i use to sync enpass with. The the problems startet again. The redirection fails. In my case it was not bad because I performed an upgrade on my linux mashine to ubuntu 20.04 and after installing enpass I was able to sync again.

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