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When starting Enpass, the application is not in focus


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A minor annoyance with Enpass v5.5.6 on macOS 10.12.5:

  • Quit Enpass if it is running.
  • Start Enpass through Spotlight, or from Finder
  • The Enpass window shows, but the application is not in focus, which means that I can't type my password.
  • I have to click into the Enpass window to activate the application so I can type my password.

The expected behavior would be that when I start Enpass, that the application was active and I could immediately type my master password. Having to use the mouse to activate the application is annoying, since I have to move my hands off the keyboard (when starting Enpass through Spotlight, which I use all the time).

As a further point of information (not sure whether it makes a difference: Browser integration is enabled in Enpass.

Can you please take a stab at fixing this annoyance? I've tested this on several MacBooks, and the behavior is the same. 

Thanks so much for your great work so far - really love Enpass after switching from KeePassX a couple of weeks ago.

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