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Application Hangs on Import from 1Password


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Considering a move from 1Password, strongly enough that I've downloaded the desktop application, and am trying to import the .1pif file exported from my copy of 1Password.  

I left it for a couple of hours, and nothing happened.  No progress on the progress bar, spinning beachball.  I did a Force Quit, deleted the app, reinstalled, same thing.

Doing this on a mid-2014 MBP, running OS X 10.12.5, using the App Store version. 

Thanks for any help!


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Yes, I get a hang and then it crashes trying to import 1900 items. It does work for 3 items I find. I also tried 810 items (doing binary search for the tipping point). On MacBook Pro 2016, it takes about 10 minutes but does eventually succeed. Activity Monitor reports the application as hung, so I think the issue is that with long imports the application is incorrectly reporting that it is not functioning. 

It crashes at about 1100 records at least on my data set:

Items.   Status.   Time
3.          Works.   Seconds

810.      Works.   10 minutes

1042.   Works.   20 minutes

1139.    Fails.      20 minutes

1949.    Fails.       About 30 minutes or so

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey guys!

I regret for the problems you've been facing while importing data from 1Password. :| Sorry for that. But the issue has been dealt with and we have just rolled out an update (5.5.8) for Mac. So please update Enpass to the latest version and share your feedback.:)

Hakuna Matata!

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