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Updated App Stops Working/No Autofill


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Thanks for the feedback.

Could you please confirm where exactly are you facing the issue with the auto-fill(website URL or app) and also, please confirm which settings have you enabled for the auto-fill services to work. 

We are checking this internally. I will get back to you with an update soon. 

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Autofill is not working in any condition or on any browser after the update this morning. I get a system message that it stops shortly after restart, etc. I assume the crash is causing the Autofill to fail. I have check all of the settings and they are the same as before the update. I have all of the Autofill options set. 

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I receive the update that was to address the failure of Autofill on Android (V6.4.0.320). The problem did change, but it is still failing. Originally on my phone, the app would stop working (crash) right away (just after the phone restarted). Now the app crashes while trying to Autofill. I am using an :LG Stylo 3 Plus running Android 7.0. 

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