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Auto-Backup Retention & Frequency

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Backup Frequency

I want to schedule daily/weekly/monthly backups.

Or tell us when "auto backup" decides to backup.

Backup Limit/Retention Policy

I want to limit/retain the auto-backups either by time or number.

For example:

A)  Only keep X number of backups.

B)  Do not keep backups older than X months.

C)  Fancier policy:  Daily Backup + Weekly Backup + Monthly Backup + Quarterly Backup + Annual Backup.

Thank you.

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Hi @jakejohn,

Thanks for contacting to us.

Currently, in Enpass, there is no option to select a backup schedule as it gets triggered when you make some changes in the database. The auto-backup folder contains only 60 latest back-ups. You can also manually choose the backup of a specific vault, or of whole Enpass data from File under ≡ menu from Toolbar → Backup, All Vaults → Select file location → Save.

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Backing up the vault when a change is made is fine but 60 retained versions is a bit high for me.  I think the ability to set a limit on the number of backup files would be a great option.

Also, deleting backups older than some number of months would be very good.

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