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Featurerequest: DEX Support on Samsung UI

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I use Enpass on my Windows 10 workstations and notebooks and Android smartphones for a long time now.

Last week I replaced my Windows 10 notebook with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for mobile computing. 

The Samsung UI has a Windows-like desktop mode DEX with window support.

Enpass isn´t able to start on it, theres a message that Enpass isn´t able to start in DEX mode - I should switch back to tablet fullwindows mode if I want to use it.

Maybe that´s something for your todo list, would be a bummer if it doesn´t work on Samsung tablets.



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Hey @Patrick80

Thanks for using Enpass and writing in.

We appreciate your feedback on the Samsung DEX compatibility. Please note that we already have a feature request for Samsung DEX aligned for implementation in the future. However, we’re not sure of a specific timeline when this will be implemented. If you have any other queries, please let us know.


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March 2021 and this feature still not working.

I already crated a new feature request for this, hopefully that helps to has this integration soon.

As other user mention, almost all the apps works on Samsung DeX, sadly Endpass is on the small group that doesn't work with DeX.

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