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I always use Enpass in the following way:
I open Enpass, search for my password, click the button for bringing it into the clipboard.

In my Linux, ClipIt as Clipboard is installed. I found out, that it has a history. Isn't this a security problem? If yes, how can I solve it?


Thank you.

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Hi @Endru,

Thanks for contacting us.

I can understand your concern regarding the safety and security of your data. Enpass does clear the clipboard after the set time interval. But extra Clipboard services(ClipIt in your case) when enabled, keep track of historical clipboard data. When Enpass clears the system Clipboard with an empty value, the clipboard manager keeps the previous password as history. Unfortunately, there are no APIs available at the moment which can clear a particular piece of information from such kind of clipboard managers.

We can empty the complete clipboard history filling with empty values consecutively but it will nullify the very purpose of enabling such feature on your phone.

If security is preferred over convenience of clipboard history, you should disable such feature.  Otherwise you will need to manually clear the history in your clipboard manager every time you copy a sensitive information.

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On 3/20/2020 at 6:01 PM, Endru said:

if I use the method with the Firefox-Addon

Do you mean Enpass browser extension? It is definitely more secure as compared to copy-pasting the passwords as Enpass auto-fill itself determines the saved passwords for a website and auto-fills it without creating a history on the clipboard.

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