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Enpass password generator not filling right password

Bryan A

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I am seeing a strange behavior with the password generator.  When I select the generate button, I get a password, when I hit the Fill button, it fills the password field with another password.  This is causing me to have broken application access.  

Annotation 2020-04-03 164705b.png

Annotation 2020-04-03 164705.png

Annotation 2020-04-03 165018b.png

Annotation 2020-04-03 165018.png

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Hi all,

first I'd like to thank the developer for providing the PC version of this software free of charge!

I use it to manage many own and customer passwords and especially with the browser extension and WebDav sync capability, it works very well.

However I also have the mentioned issue above and it's more than just annoying.
Especially a password manager this is a important malfunction (as it actually saves the wrong password...).

Could someone of the devs please look into this issue with priority? I'm using the classic Windows version 6.4.1 (643), not the Windows-Store version (as I had bad experience with it previously and lost all of my passwords). This issue only appeared since the latest update.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Any updates on this? I ran into this today as well while updating a large number of passwords on various sites.

The workaround I have been using is this:

  • Open an existing item (or create a new one).
  • Press the Generate button to open the dialog.
  • Change the parameters to my liking, generate a new password using them (this is not the password that is going to get used)
  • Press the "Fill" button (this will generate a new password and will set it as the password in the Edit dialog)
  • From the Edit dialog, press the Copy button next to the password field.
  • Use this password when entering in the browser (for example).

While doing this, I also noticed that pressing the "Copy" button in the Generate dialog is copying the first password and will then generate a new one... Would love to see this fixed.

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Its been about 6 weeks since I first reported this bug and we are still on version 6.4.1.  Is there a roadmap of when the next release will occur?  Even though there are workarounds, this is core functionality that is not working correctly and is a regression considering it was working in the 6.3.x releases.  

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