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Last call....WiFi Sync Enpass Pasword Manager !! Please Anshu, Garima Pratyush or Vinod...


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Dear users and customers.....all of you.....paying users, free supporting user, enthusiastic users,....users who are hanging on and users who are doubting.....i would like to ask a question to the following  members of this program, sharing this content in this forum, ..... i don`t mind if you are an advanced member or team member, for example you guys ;

Anshu kumar,  Vinod Kumar,   Garima Singh and Pratyush Sharma .

Could anyone of you members please tell us if in this topic, if we are going to  get the promised WiFi sync ? Most of you're customers are waiting for ....since a long time!?

Please....don't give the answer that it is already on our roadmap and will be available after the final release of Enpass 6. 

Please give an honest and fair answer in this topic.....i really believe we earned this.

My option to "check for updates is not working anymore" ....i wander why !?





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Hi Garima..... the line "We understand it's been quite long, however, we'll be adding WiFi sync in the list of priority features soon" sounds a lot like the "it is already on our roadmap" .

Sorry for now, i really think Enpass is going the wrong way for me, perhaps after a while....when you....

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Hi @Bout,

Today, we're thrilled to release Enpass Beta v6.7 with one of the most awaited features- Wi-Fi Sync. This feature lets you sync data across devices using the local network or Wi-Fi, without using any third-party cloud service. For more information, please check out the Wi-Fi Sync webpage.

For more details refer to this Forum post:

Thank you.

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