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Enpass crashes twice a day (minimum)


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It seems it's hopeless. This topic is pretty old now and the windows app continues to crashes regularly. I really like to ask the developers this serious question: what disables you to fix those crashes and make the app stable like on any other platform? Im sure you get hundreds of crash reports each day, so you should have more than enough information about the problem. What hinders you to fix this? Why can't the application catch those excetions and handle them accordingly instead of letting the app just crash? I really can't get it. This is the only app I ever encountered in my 30 year IT carrear that is just not able to fix their crashing problems. Rather poor I would say.

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Personally I don't have the problem anymore and I didn't do anything special...

My version is up to date but it's not the one from the Microsoft store but the standard x64 version.

I have the impression (without any guarantee) that the fact of not minimizing the software anymore (leaving it in full screen all the time) has greatly diminished the problem. I open the other software on top of it but I don't minimize it at all!

Moreover I stopped the WebDAV synchronization and I arrived in synchronization on a folder (which itself is after synchronizing with a cloud)

And I have 47 vault and more than 1000 passwords synchronized and all on two different computers that both pose problems and now I have no problem on either!

So I don't know if I was just lucky (2x in a row) or if the two solutions said above are the reason...

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