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Hi ...

If I don't have problems, I don't follow the forum on Enpass.  I would assume that most people are the same way.  I would like to suggest that you create a new forum topic with the name similar to "Enpass Version Tracker".  In this topic, keep a running changelog and indicate the most recent stable version that customers should be running.

That is my suggestion ... Now, my issue to day is "How do I check what version I am running" and "How do I know if I am not running the latest version".


Thank you

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Hey @loveworksdotcom

Thanks for writing in and sharing your inputs. I have shared your valuable suggestion with the concerned team.

Also, you can check the latest version of Enpass from the Download page of our website. To check the version of Enpass running in your device, follow the below steps-

  • macOS- Open Enpass > Click on ‘Enpass’ given in the menu > Tap on ‘About Enpass’
  • Windows- Open Enpass > Click on ‘Help’ given in the Enpass menu > Tap on ‘About’
  • Mobile- Open Enpass > Click on ‘Settings’ of the Enpass > Tap on ‘About’


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