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Windows Hello Support?


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I have been using the UWP version for some time and just installed the Bridge version along with the Edge extension! Thanks for getting this working, the biggest saving grace when there wasn't an extension was Windows Hello support to unlock the UWP version. I have a Stargazer Razer camera and love it!

Are there plans to bring Windows Hello biometric unlock to the bridge version that was just released? I set up a PIN, but honestly facial unlock was so amazing and going back to Pin is a bit painful!


Thanks again and keep up the good work and cant wait to see a modern UI applied to the bridge version, UWP version was very clean!


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Hi @Dalewn 

Thanks for your patience and support.

Actually, the APIs required for Hello integration doesn't work great with the Windows 32bit Bridged app. Although, we are in talks with the Microsoft team and they are working on it. Once we get a confirmation on fix we will implement in Enpass.

Till then I request you to please bear with us.

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