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Real import from 1password

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I would like to change for your software. i've tested importing from 1password. But no all entries neither attachements have been imported. I can not migrate or purchase until the fully real import goes on. Lot of posts here in the forum describe same problems. Have you a road map for full complete import data (including attachements ?) and all entries ?

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Hey @deodorant

We fixed some of the issues related to importing data from 1Password in an update released a couple of months ago and I'm sorry to hear that you're still facing problems there. Please let me know the version of Enpass along with the platform details you're using it on. Also, please let me know in which format are you trying to import the data so that we can look into it further.

Currently Enpass doesn't support importing attachments but implementing this is already on our roadmap.  


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I would also like to change from 1Password. I have the same problem with the attachments. It's important for me to import with attachments, if it is not possible I can't change. When will this feature be available? 

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