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I have been using Enpass for several months on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android 7 with Chrome or Safari

Since the release of the new Firefox, I would like to generalize its use on all my devices but it is not effective with Android.
Indeed, the Enpass notifications do not work with Firefox Android and being French (sorry for my english), the Enpass QWERTY keyboard solution does not satisfy me ... Can we finally hope for an evolution on one of these features: an Enpass keyboard in AZERTY or an Enpass extension for Firefox Mobile ??


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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @Bibon

Thanks for stopping by and writing in.

We're already working on improving the Enpass Keyboard for a better user experience. Currently, we don't have any plans to implement AZERTY keyboard or an extension. However, I've noted down your suggestion for internal discussions. 


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@Akash Vyas Hi ! I would also prefer the solution of an extension. I'm already using a multi-language keyboard (fr/en/cn) and it would be a hassle to have to alternate between 2 keyboards.

@Anshu kumar Said there would be a search about an alternative method in 2016 but there is currently still nothing supporting Firefox Android Except Keyboard.

Would the Dev/Adaptation of one more Extension cost this much efforts (You have already five to maintain) ? :)



Bye !

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