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Don't quit mini app when quitting main app

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I have a habit of command-tab-q-q-q-ing my way to quitting opened apps when I finish working on a task. But if I had Enpass open and quit it this way it also quits the mini app and browser extensions, which means I have to futz with reconnecting next time I want to autofill in my browser.

I appreciate the "hide dock icon when main window is closed" setting, but it would be great to be able to actually "quit" (as in, command-q, or right-click dock icon > quit) the main app without also closing the menu-bar app and browser extension.

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Hi @Garima Singh,

That doesn't seem to be the issue. Enpass opens fine at startup, but when I quit the main app, either by mistake or just out of habit, it also quits the menu bar app and browser extension.  I have to remember to close the window rather than quitting, to leave the mini app running.  Other apps with menu bar components (e.g. Hazel, Little Snitch) tend to leave the menu bar app running when the main app is quit.  I'd love it if Enpass did the same!

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I'd love to see this implemented too! I can't think of any other background-running/Menu Bar app that doesn't keep running when the main app has been QUIT.

I have the same problem. CMD+Q is a reflex for me when I done with something. Having to remember each time I'm done in Enpass's Main Window to use CMD+W instead of CMD-Q is problematic. It's even worse for my Dad, who's a 20th-Century guy and after finally training him to QUIT apps he's not using, I've had to train him "except Enpass, just close the window in Enpass."

A short, off-the-top-of-head list of apps whose background processes continue to run after quitting the main app: 1Password, Dashlane, Sticky Password, Little Snitch, Fantastical, Dropbox, MalwareBytes, Day One.

In fact, off the top of my head, I only know of two other apps one other app with a main window and a MenuBar or background process that don't leave those background processes running when the main app is quit: Evernote and TickTick. (Although I'm sure there are others.)

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