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Autofill problem in Chome ( Andriod 10)


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I am running into problems to autofill login forms. I am mainly using Chrome on my Android phone. 

I go to the web site login dialogue on my Andriod phone, access Enpass via the top menu bar, login and choose my stored login credentials for the site. But nothing happens….
Neither the username or password is filled with my stored credentials. I repeat a couple of times, but nothing happens. 

This is quite common that autofill does not work. Often nothing happens. Sometimes is it only possible to autofill the password (not username). Sometimes the password is auto filled after 10 seconds (often I do not wait that long for it to happen). 

Last time nothing happened was when I tried to login to www.skistar.se using Enpass autofill

I am running:
Samsung galaxy S9 PLUS running Android 10
Chrome 87.0.4280.101
Enpass android app version
Auto-fill using Accessibility enabled

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I can confirm this behaviour. After the last update Autofill is broken. Apps which had no problems with Autofill prior to the update still offer to autofill with Enpass, but nothing happens after selecting the needed entry to be filled. Nothing at all.

I'm running LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10) on a Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte). No root or Magisk.

Please fix this soon, it's a big nuiscance to have it like this.

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Hey @x2k13 & @Mikael

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Could you please share some more detail-

  1. Does "Android Auto-fill Service" is enabled in Enpass auto-fill settings or only "Auto-fill using Accessibility"? If only Auto-fill using Accessibility is enabled try enabling both the services and check with other websites where you are having the problem.
  2. If the issue is also with other websites, please share the URL of the same.
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I'm using the Yandex browser and I have the same problem. The versions and are affected. After a downgrade to version Auto-Fill works fine again.

Please fix this as soon as possible. Without Auto-Fill the app is useless to me.

I'm using Android 10 on a Samsung Galaxy S10e.

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I can confirm that I have the same issue since a month or something. Autofill is totally broken. The same happens with the Beta Version btw.


I hope that there will be a fix very soon.


It seems to be related to that problem as well btw.:


Autofill with Edge browser - Android - Enpass Forum

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