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PayPal App LogIn Problem


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Hello everyone,

I have a problem when trying to login in the PayPal app via Enpass. I open Paypal, Enpass shows up, I unlock it with my fingerprint, it accepts and will close, but the Password is not applied. I can try it again and again, but nothing happens. I have to go to the enpass app, unlock it and copy my password to paste it in paypal. Also the Paypal integrated fingerprint login does not work. Everytime I try it, Enpass open (which unfortunatly dont work). 

Can anybody help me, or give me a hint what the problem could be? 


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Hey @Tobi

To check this issue better, we will require few details from you. Please share the below info-

  1. On which device and OS are you getting this issue?
  2. Which Enpass version you using on the same device?
  3. Are you getting this auto-fill issue on PayPal website or app?
  4. If the issue is on Android device, share the options you have enabled from Enpass Auto-fill settings (Android Auto-fill or Auto-fill using accessibility)?


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Hello @Garima Singh,


thanks for reply. Here answers to your questions

1. Google Pixel 4XL
3. Paypal APP (Paypal website works correct)
4. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. - I have Enpass as service for Autofill in my Phone Settings (Language and Input -> Service for Auto-fill), and I see under accessibility is Enpass activated too.



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