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When will wifi syncing be supported?


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On 5/8/2020 at 1:15 PM, Garima Singh said:

Hey @cano

Thanks for showing your interest.

We appreciate your support on this feature request. Please note that we already have a feature request for the same and aligned for implementation.


Dear Garima

Are you kidding? Two years ago, you guys already promised  to release this feature. Then it got completely quiet. 

Maybe you should consult with your bosses to find out that the feature was canceled a long time ago.



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Well....i am glad that i switched to mSecure.

This discussion has ended for me! It shows again how Enpass treats their customers.


mSecure works perfect on all my devices... Samsung A 51, desktop Windows 10 and Surface 3 Windows 10 tablet.

The program works great,  backup and restore functions are good and the wifi sync is super!


Sorry Enpass....you deserve this!

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I have commented on this sync issue before.  You guys may not care as you already have my money, but I stopped recommending your program to others months ago, and now I am actively looking for another password keeper.  The fact you don't have a true sync, either by cable, wi-fi or blue tooth is just do not fit me needs.  I am surprised more people haven't dumped you over this issue.  

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Msecure? thats an app you cant download it.

I have Windows 10 LTSC without a Store

Windows 10 Home and Professional  are Beta testers and i dont have the time for that .

Im still using MyPhone Explorer for Enpass WiFi Sync.

I don't know why they don't implement Wifi sync, what i do know is that their headquarters is moved to the States.

And i bought this because they weren't in the States. And now they love to share it all with them included their clouds.

So yess for safety reasons i look for another one OUTSIDE the States.

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Well, i use it now for almost 1 year on 3 machine`s,  a desktop, laptop en tablet. On all machines no problems here, works great and no sign of being a beta tester or having funny  mistakes.

And ehh you use Windows 10,.....thats from Microsoft right? And the come from.....? The land of...?


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On 4/21/2021 at 1:33 PM, Vikram Dabas said:

Hi @Vido

I know WiFi sync is one of the most requested and awaited features. I am glad to share that the development of the feature has been done and in the QA phase. A beta for the same has already been planned shortly. Thanks.

Dear Vikram

This is crazy, did you consult with your bosses or read the previous posts in this thread?

Right, you did not - Too bad, otherwise you would have known that Enpass canceled WiFi Sync a long time ago, but newbies like you always think it is coming.

Here a quick reminder:

Anshu kumar on October 11, 2018
"The feature of the Wifi sync is already on our roadmap and will be available after the final release of Enpass 6"

Vinod Kumar on January 15, 2019
"Its development is almost complete. Will make into next month betas."

Anshu kumar on September 2, 2019
""WiFi sync" is already in our priority list"

Garima Singh on May 8, 2020
" Please note that we already have a feature request for the same and aligned for implementation."


Please note, these examples are all within this thread. There are much more threads with similar comments for new enpass team members.

So, please in the future read at least the complete thread, before posting bullshit.



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Hey @all,

Today, we're thrilled to release Enpass Beta v6.7 with one of the most awaited features- Wi-Fi Sync. It is now available on all platforms. This feature lets you sync data across devices using the local network or Wi-Fi, without using any third-party cloud service. For more information, please check out the Wi-Fi Sync  webpage.

For more details refer to this Forum post:

Thank you.

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