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Ability to disable browser extension on specific website/page

Pavel K

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I have a problem with Enpass browser extension on some of internal enterprise resources - it breaks some functionality and web app starts working slowly. The problem can be resolved if I can disable Enpass extension on this specific domain or webpage, but there is no such functionality in default Chrome extension settings (you can only disable extension at all, enable on specific sites or enable by click, which is also not useful). Could you make such setting in Enpass extension options? 

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2 hours ago, Garima Singh said:

Hey @Pavel K

Welcome to the forum!

Currently, there is a function in Enpass where we can skip the domains of the particular webpages while auto-saving the details on extension.  I have forwarded your request to extension team for consideration.



Hi @Garima Singh!
Thanks for response. I tried this option, but unfortunately it didn't help - looks like extension still runs on this page, just doesn't offer to save new passwords

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Hi @trebory6,

It is possible to disable the Enpass extension on a specific website and following are the two ways to do it:

  1. Disable it from the pop-up. Suppose you are trying to add facebook website to the bEnpass block list. Click on the three dots (as shown in the attachment) and select "Don't show on this page".image.png.23f232e996cd732bab234481dde10249.png image.png.a8440e688425b07f8dddee3a2ea79803.png
  2. You can add a website URL manually to the block list. Go to the Enpass extension setting and add the URL to the block list(As shown in the picture below).image.png.5af1b7280c37d21282146f3a54a97148.png
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