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How to open Enpass database-file without Enpass?


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Imagine I am an Enpass user since a while but now the company would disappear, I couldn't somehow get the enpass software anymore, and my computer breaks. After all, I have no chance anymore of using any Enpass Software/App --> I only have a copy of my enpass-database file on a USB stick or somewhere. How can I open that file to read my passwords without having Enpass software/App?

- Are there other password managers where I can import the raw enpass database-file?

- (Most important) If there would be no password managers that are able to open enpass database-files, is there still a way to open up an enpass database-file as long as I have the master-password?

(I have posted this question here because I found no topic section that really fits this issue).


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Hi @buyrsr,

I understand your concern about availability of data. You can always export data from Enpass to json format, that contains complete details of your data that can be used by a software tool. Also, Enpass uses open-source SQLCipher for database file. Enpass derives a key from the master password with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 100K iterations (outside of SQLCipher) and uses it as the raw key for SQLCipher. You can find few opensource implementations to read Enpass database file on github.




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Hello buyrsr 

Opening your Enpass vault doesn't require (or even use) access to Enpass's servers or the internet. Install the desktop app or keep a copy of the portable version and you will always be able to open your vault. Simply ensure you keep your account e-mail, master password, and, if used, key file safe. Even if Enpass disappeared overnight you will be able to open your vault.

Once your vault has been opened it can be exported as an unencrypted .json or .csv file and be imported into a different password manager. 

Enpass Desktop Software


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Hi @DesignT

The json export format is made for a software tool to import, such as password manager by different vendor. If you want export your attachments as normal files, please follow these instructions:

1. Select "Attachments" under "Others" section in Sidebar. This will show all items with attachments in the list.
2. Select the items, right-click and choose "Export attachments"


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