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Missing Enpass-Button in Safari after Update


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Make sure you have enabled the Safari app extension of Enpass from Safari Preferences → Extensions → Enpass Extension.
Attached screenshot for your reference.

image.png.64e2859808517431f7c2e80f9a98c3ed.png      image.png.7cbd703def8da35b42d66d26b822b2c3.png

If the issue persists then please let us know if you have multiple Enpass versions (Apple Store and Installer from Website) installed on your device?

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Hi Gulshan,

as you can see one extension is activated. This is the one from version 6.7.0. As written before I manually installed this from the Website after version 6.7.1 from the App Store didn't work. Now I'm using 6.7.0 - but the extension is twice in Safari. Can't uninstall the extension without uninstalling the whole app. So, I'll need to wait until you get this problem fixed and I can re-install 6.7.1 

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I don't know if this is related but my Enpass extension disappeared from Safari today. It was working fine this morning but this afternoon, when I clicked the Enpass button in Safari, nothing happened. So I thought that Safari had crashed. I quit Safari and relaunched it and now the extension is just GONE. It doesn't even appear in the Safari extensions list. 

Using Macbook Pro 15" with MacOS 10.15.7, Safari  14.1.2 (15611., 15611)

Enpass 6.7.1 (878) Mac App Store. 

Works fine with Firefox.



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SORRY: below is a draft I started yesterday but for some reasons it didn't get posted. 


I reply to myself: I rebooted my laptop and for some reason when I restarted Safari, I noticed the message saying that extensions needed to be installed, including Enpass. Everything works fine now. Thanks

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