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Dear Enpass Team,

We, the users of your fantastic Enpass password manager, are absolutely thrilled by the prospect of a Raycast extension for your software. Enpass has been an invaluable tool in our daily lives, simplifying our password management needs and ensuring the security of our sensitive information.

The ability to seamlessly integrate Enpass into the Raycast workflow would be an absolute game-changer for us. Raycast has become an integral part of how we navigate and optimize our computing experience, and the addition of Enpass functionality would elevate our productivity to new heights.

We strongly urge the Enpass team to prioritize the development of this Raycast extension. Our community is passionate about your software and would be overjoyed to have this integration. Please consider our request and know that we are eager to support you in making this happen.

Thank you for your continued dedication to Enpass and for always putting the needs of your users first. We look forward to the day when we can seamlessly access our Enpass data directly within the Raycast interface.


The Devoted Enpass Community

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