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Name of folder for attachements to be saved into


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Saving an attachment in Enpass invokes an 'Save File' window. For the Windows version the default folder offered for the file to be saved into is always 'C:\Windows\System32'. For the macOS version the default save-into-folder is set to the user account home directory.

These default settings are typically never the folders you want to save into. So you are always forced to navigate to the folder of your choice. During the same Enpass session the last selected folder at least will be remembered ...

I think Enpass should always store the last folder into which an attachment was saved - even between subsequent invocations of Enpass.


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I've received an update that the issue you reported has been fixed in the latest Windows beta update, version 6.9.3 (1591). We'll soon release a stable build as well. Could you please try using our beta version to verify if the issue has indeed been resolved?

Link to Beta Release (Windows): Beta Release Notes for Traditional Windows - Enpass

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