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Home Assistant website and Android app won't autofill username and password

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This seems to be an old problem:

..but as I've just started using Home Assistant, I'm re-reporting it.

I'm finding that Enpass won't autofill the username or password on either the webpage (using Edge on Windows 10 with Enpass 6.8.0 (1002)) or on my multiple Android devices using the Home Assistant app and Enpass Login also includes TOTP so having Enpass not working is quite cumbersome.

Home Assistant is a home automation system (https://www.home-assistant.io/) that you install and run. They do have a demo environment here (https://demo.home-assistant.io/) but you can't access the login page. If required, I could setup a port forward on my router and PM a link to my environment to help troubleshoot.

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