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Sensitive Fields not Hidden in 6.8.1

Matt Miller

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Sometimes when giving the app focus after working in a different program, certain sensitive fields are not hidden. If I click the eyeball icon next to the field then it will hide, but later, when I need to copy the password again, the password is showing again. If I were doing a screen share when that happened I'd have to immediately change that password!

I've not seen a pattern that consistently triggers this, but it happens fairly often.

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System information:

OS Name    Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version    10.0.19044 Build 19044

Enpass information: 6.8.1 (1060)

I don't remember if I downloaded Enpass from the Microsoft Store or from the Enpass website, but if I go to the Microsoft Store app and search there for "Enpass," the store reports Enpass as "Installed." So, I guess I installed it from the store.

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Hello @Gulshan Dogra,

I'm experiencing the same effect as @Matt Miller.

The sensitive fields show their content as soon as you press the ALT-Key. If you release the ALT-key, the sensitive content is hidden again.

If the Enpass application window has the focus and you use ALT+TAB to switch to another application, the content of the sensitive fields remains visible even after you release the ALT-key.

From my perspective this is a big flaw and even a security issue. I cannot see any valid reason why you should show the content of sensitive fields by pressing the ALT-key. And the behaviour when using ALT+TAB is even more weird.

Please fix this ASAP or at least make the behaviour configurable.

Kind regards,


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Just tried this on a Mac (MacBook Air M1, macOS 12.4):

The sensitive fields show their content when the ALT/option key is pressed.

Since command-key+TAB is used to switch windows on macOS, I couldn't reproduce the effect that the sensitive content remains visible even after the option key was released.

However, seems to me that both Windows and macOS versions are in need of a fix.

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Tossing my hat into the ring for this one. I signed up just for this reason. It is a security issue that did not exist until a recent update.

The best fix here is to remove the "Alt" key shortcut entirely, as that will result in a quick-fix and turnaround. Nobody will complain about the loss of a feature that nobody uses, particularly when it causes a security bug.

This should be included in a quick-turnaround patch release and NOT wait for a feature release.

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