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Weird miniature scale down of extension pop ups (Chrome + Firefox)

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21 hours ago, Manish Chokwal said:

Hi @playmobilmeister,

Thank you for reporting the presence of this issue. I have shared it all with the concerned team for further investigation. In the meantime, let me know if you are using multiple monitors and share screen resolution as well. 


Thanks. I just managed to overcome it by uninstalling and then doing a clean install of Enpass. this did not work at first, but when I rebooted windows it worked.

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I have this same issue on my Mac OSX Ventura in Chrome and Safari.
In my case it looks like the screenshot attached.
I greyed-out sensitive information, but the red background is real and is precisely where the normally the extension pop-up is displayed.
Instead a miniature version of the extension is shown.



Re-installing did not work but I do know that opening the Enpass desktop version and then quitting it again, will resolve the issue.
I do use multiple external monitors but cannot reproduce the issue as it does not always seem to occur.
If it does, its obviously pretty annoying.



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Was not completely finished creating the original post that I accidentally posted by pressing ENTER.
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