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Hi @ all

The function is great, but I miss the possibility to delete the whole history or a single password from the password history.

Since it belongs to the topic: It should be marked (e.g. with an icon), which passwords have a password history.

Edit: In the mobile Android version the password history is not available. Or did I miss something?

Screenshot 2023-01-25 204915.png

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A possible workaround, to delete an entry's entire password history, is to create a duplicate entry, then delete the original. The created duplicate will start with a blank password history. Just be aware, any file attachments, for that entry, will need to be added back in.

The above link in Abhishek Dewan's post, see here, explains how to view the password history, in each app, including Android. 

As an alternative to your suggestion of an icon, if an entry showed the date of the last password change, alongside the last modified and created dates, you'd know when its password was changed. If the changed date was different to the created date, you'd also know the entry had a password history, saving you having to look in the password history menu.

Separate from that, I agree it would be helpful if the password history was editable.

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Hi @Saint

As mentioned by @Thoughts?, it is possible to view the password history in each app. As for editing/deleting single entries from password history, our development team has investigated its feasibility. This feature may be included in future Enpass releases even though we have not yet received any specific version updates. Your support and patience are greatly appreciated.



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When I update a password entry and click save, there is no possibility to remove a previously (and abandoned) password. This happens e.g. if the website tells me that sign x or y is not supported and I have to finetune the input. Is there / will there be a way to do that?

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