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Copying an email/username returns random 6 digits?


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This issue is happening on both Macbook Air M1 & Mac Mini M1 for a few months now. 

It was very hard to pinpoint what app is causing the issue. When I kill Enpass and attempt to copy an email or a username (my job requires it), it's all fine, pasting what ive copied. 

But if I run Enpass it randomly starts pasting 6 digits (ie you copy youremail@gmail.com and when you attempt to paste it, you get 384302)

I'm pretty sure this is caused by Enpass somehow. I don't know how.

I'm running version 6.8.4 (1166) of Enpass and Ventura 13.0 (22A380) on both computers. 

Does anyone experience something similar? Any fix? 


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Hi @Dani

This is indeed very unusual behavior. For troubleshooting purposes, please create a manual backup of your data and then reinstall the app. If the issue persists, please share the below details with me, and I'll have this further investigated for you - 

  1. The version of the browser you are using.
  2. Is this issue occurring for all the saved Items or any particular ones? Kindly share the name of a few web pages on which you are facing this concern.
  3. Are you using any specific app (Antivirus/VPN) alongside Enpass that you think could be the culprit? It would help us in getting to the root of this issue.
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