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Enhanced data protection- iCloud Error Code


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After i turned enhanced data protection on in my iCloud im not able to sync! it gives me an error code. On other Devices like my iPad and iPhone syncing works normally.

- Enpass Version 6.8.5 (1173)

- Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

- Date and Time is set on automatic


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same here. Turning on Advanced Data Protection for  iCloud breaks the enpass icloud sync on Mac's. iOS and ipadOS works.

Seems there is something wrong with the enpass cloudKit implementation (or they are not using the cloudKit API in the desktop apps?). They always have had also the freeking session expire problem on icloud sync in there desktop apps, which also never happens in the iOS apps.

Best regards


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When can we expect an enpass fix for the sync error that appears on both macs and IOS when apple advanced data protection was enabled on icloud. It seems enpass is the only software I have that got error with the new advanced data protection... Error code 1104001



Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 17.39.14.png

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  • Moderator changed the title to Enhanced data protection- iCloud Error Code

same issue there since the enhanced data protection is activated in iCloud

on iPhone the synchronisation works perfectly 

on Mac synchro has always been an issue. I have some other applications that uses also iCloud to synchronize their datas with, and I never encountered any issue with.

now Mac refuses to synchronize at all. 

in Enpass I try to authenticate again, the applecloudkit webpage open, I sign with my fingerprint to have this message

Authentication Error

This action could not be completed. Please close the window and try again.

so no more synchro at all.

I expect a fix to correct this soon or else I will think about moving to another software ; I have not payed for a premium account to have this kind of problem. be professional guys !

thanks a lot 


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When enabling Advanced Data protection the  enpass to-from icloud sync stopped to work on both MACs and iphones for me. I can see some posts states it continues to work on iphones. But for me *all* Apple devices stopped working. When I disabled Advanced Data Protection again *all* apple devices enpass sync started to work again.

So I expect a fix for enpass on Mac and on iphones as it is clear there is some kind of flaw in both versions.

@Abhishek Dewan 13 days ago, you posted that your were testing a patch for this issue, in which statement I read that you were almost done. Please update us of the status!




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On 2/16/2023 at 12:20 PM, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @pos

I completely understand it's taking us some extra time to release a patch for this issue. Our dedicated team is already working on fixing it. As soon as this issue is fixed, I will definitely update this forum. Your kind patience in the meantime is greatly appreciated.

Hey @Abhishek Dewan,

any news? 
At least a time range for this patch?
I mean - we are paying customers and as described this is a "known" and longer used feature of apple.
So i think - you should at least provide a time range - if and when there will be a solution or not.
If not - i would start searching for another app.

Thank you

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I have not switched to Bitwarden or any other yet, but thinking of doing the same...


Feb 2 @Abhishek Dewan said "We are testing a patch to address this issue.". Now... This was either a lie or the test had problems (or maybe low priority from Enpass). But I also think this is way too long (5 weeks after the fix was in test phase) to adress such an issue.

I am not satisfied!


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  • 2 weeks later...

I am happy that I switched to Bitwarden because more than a month later there is still no fix. Unbelievable and very disappointing. I was more or less quite happy with Enpass but it is already the 2nd or 3rd time that bug fixing for critical issues needs far too long.

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@Tranel Yes it seems they do not care. That seems to be the truth. I have seen that too. I totally agree with you.

I logged another case (their ticket ID of it is "ECS-34623"). They confirmed the bug as reproducible and I got a reply jan 2 2003 with this text in bold: "We have put this issue on a high priority and are working hard to resolve it as quickly as possible.". That issue is not solved either.... After 3 months... That was @Abhishek Dewan that replied to that as well with  huge promise. Ok, that bug is/was not as critical as this icloud advanced data protection bug. But it shows very clearly how Enpass acts. Maybe time to change the way you express yourself in the forum @Abhishek Dewan. You and enpass start to loose all peoples trust by making promises over and over again that you simply do no care about at all.

V e r y disappointed!

Maybe time to leave the enpass ship now and go for another product....

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