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TAGS Disappearing after Enpass 6.9.0 Update

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I'm not sure where the problem lies, I use Enpass for iOS, macOS, Windows, & Nix. After updating to the latest release, I noticed several previously tagged items were suddenly now MISSING their tags. It has been driving me crazy! I just keep re-tagging items, and then other items loose their tags. Seems completely random, and is extremely frustrating!

Also, normal editing / switching between items now seems EXTREMELY SLOW!

SLOWNESS issues are the same on both Windows and macOS.

I'm ready to roll back...


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Hi @bu11etpr00f

Regarding the issue of disappearing tags, our development team is actively addressing this problem, and we are in the process of creating a patch to resolve it. We expect to release this patch in the near future..

As for the slowness in the Windows and the MacOS version of the app, please share the below details and I will gladly get this checked for you -

  1. The exact version of the Enpass app and OS you are using on both your devices.
  2. The total number of Items, Vaults, and attachments you have saved in the Enpass app.
  3. A short video showing the issue would be helpful (You can share the video with us at support@enpass.io and mention this forum)


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